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Next Bottle Does It All

NextBottle Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth Speaker

The Bluetooth speaker delivers outstanding sound performance.

NextBottle LCD Touchscreen

LCD Touchscreen Display

The sleek LCD touchscreen display allows users to control volume, playback options, and calls.

NextBottle Keys

Hold Your Keys

Keep track of your keys by hooking them on to Next Bottle’s carabiner.


Charge Your Phone and More

Next Bottle’s phone dock can hold and charge any electronic device the size of an iPhone Xr or smaller. Use it with a USB cord to charge larger devices as well!

NextBottle Aircraft Grade PP Body

Aircraft Grade PP Body

Next Bottle is built with high performance material for durability.

NextBottle Water Bottle

Detachable Water Compartment

The detachable water compartment gives you the convenience of refrigerating or freezing your beverages overnight.

Next Bottle is the perfect everyday companion, wherever you go!

Transition from work to your workout and back home with your Next Bottle


Everything You Need

“At the bottom you will find a Bluetooth wireless speaker complete with physical buttons for play/pause, skip track and volume. Up top, there’s a carabiner you can use to hold your keys [...] the Next Bottle might be the only thing you’ll need to grab on the way out the door.”

Take Next Bottle Everywhere

Next Bottle fits in any average-sized cup holder so you can use it on-the-go!


More Than A Bottle

The bottle is built to solve two problems with one device. As a reusable water bottle, it helps the owner contribute less to the growing problem of disposable bottles crowding landfills. As a dedicated multitasker, it frees up people who want to carry all four of those devices but only have two hands.”

Next Bottle Is Perfect For...

The Gym

Take Next Bottle with you to the gym and never miss a beat with your workout.

The Car

Not only does Next Bottle fit in the standard-sized cup holder, it will also charge and securely hold your phone.

The Outdoors

Stay hydrated, wherever you are!


Have questions? Check out our FAQ Section

Where can you purchase the Next Bottle?

Next Bottle is currently being sold at Amazon.com,

through our website, through local distributors

or by calling us at (407)968.2149.

What phone is the Next Bottle compatible with?

Next Bottle is compatible with any phone or electronic device but only holds or docks devices the size of the iPhone Xr or smaller.

Is the USB charger included or it is to be purchased separately?

Micro-USB chargers is included for iPhones as well as Samsung Galaxy phones.

Will the magnet interfere with the normal functions of the phone?

The magnet is completely safe for your phone and will not interfere with its normal function.

How long is the warranty and what does it cover?

The warranty is for one year and covers any factory defects not due to the normal wear and tear of the product.

Who do we contact if we have any issues with our product?

You can contact customer service via e-mail at sales@getnextbottle.com. or (407)968-2149.